Live FEEDback from Caserta

Kosmas and Tryfonas were 2 of the members of the Greek team, that participated in the Youth Exchange «Live FEED from Europe», that took place in Caserta, Italy 19-27/02/2017. This is what they shared with us:

«It was a project about food, in Italy, one of the gastronomic centers of the world.
The participants arrived form the far corner or Europe, Iceland till the neighbooring Jordan.
Therefore a variety of cultures was portraited throught one of the key elements of culture and history, the gastronomy of those peoples.
We mingled, shared, taught and learnt so much. Broke down some stereotypes and further expanded others. We verified how very similar we Balkans and Mediteraneans are in the tamperament and habits (sorry for being late most of the times).
Got the chance to visit the wonderful Caserta palace and discover the birthplace of everybody’s favorite food, pizza, in search of perfection around Napoli.
We concluded with a Recipe Book we created, with the most characteristic foods of every place, wether it is burek from Bosnia & Herzegovina or mansaaf from Jordan and the good memories from the best people!»



«Many times, the good things that happen in your life are also the most unexpected ones. That was the case with my experience in the project ‘Live FEED from Europe’!

It all started with a seemingly ‘random’ post on Facebook, in one of the groups I was following. ‘***URGENT***’, it said. ‘Looking for 1 male participant for a project in Italy: More information here.’

I don’t think I have ever clicked something faster in the past. I took some minutes to read about the project and it seemed ideal: the subject was about food, which is something I adore. So I instantly sent my application and what did I know…1 week later I would be in Caserta!

As it was my first project I didn’t really know exactly what to expect. But now I can safely say that it was one of the best decisions I have made recently!


Caserta was a wonderful city and we also visited Naples during our stay there. It was a very good chance to explore places I otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. And of course… eat amazing Italian food!

Also I met soooo many new amazing people from all over the world and that, for me, is very important. I know that I made new friends for the years to come!

The activities and the energizers we had every day were pretty interesting and by the end of the last day we had created a cookbook with actual recipes from all of the participating countries which is amazingly cool! Also every night we had the country presentations and of course some delicacies from around the world!


All in all it was a fantastic experience and on a personal level, among everything else, it marked the beginning of a new chapter for me: the ‘Erasmus+ project chapter’!

I would like to thank everyone involved in it: TrikalAct for giving me the chance to participate, Andrea and Paola for their hard work to make it an unforgettable experience, the Greek team (our amazing group leader Ritsa, Kosmas, Ilektra and Marianina) and of course everyone that participated from the other countries! Thank you for being awesome!»

Tryfonas Papantoniou


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